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Unispeck Appointment Scheduling System (Ver 2.0). Pre-sales FAQs


Installation / Registration




  • Is there any Setup fee or Installation fee involved ?
    No. There is no setup fee or installation fee required. Only the monthly subscription fee is required.

  • How much does it cost ?
    The price varies depending on your selection. Please check our price list for more details. New customers automatically enjoy FREE subscription for 30 days.

  • Where to get more help on appointment software ?
    Appointment System Online Help is available from your admin panel. Click here to visit the help page.

Installation / Registration

  • How easy is the installation ?
    You don't need to install any thing. No installation or webserver is required to use unispeck appointment system.
    Our easy to use 'Getting Started' guide will help you through the initial setup.

  • Do I need to host any files ?
    No. You don't need to host any files. We will keep all files and data in our secure server for you.

  • How long it will take to complete the registration ?
    Registration is quick and easy, it will take only few minutes to complete.

  • How secure is my payment information ?
    Payment is done in paypal's secure website, check the https webaddress when you make the payment. Unispeck doesn't store any credit card information in our database.

  • What if I am not happy with the system ?
    Unispeck now offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with the system or service we provide you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. New customers automatically enjoy FREE subscription for 30 days.


  • What if I have difficulty in accessing the site ?
    If you have any difficulty in accessing the site, please contact our customer support. Our customer support is available 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week

  • How do I access my administrator control panel ?
    Once you complete your registration and paypal subscription process, you can setup your account instantly from your myaccount page.

    Use your unispeck account details to login to your HQ Administrator account

  • How do I access my client pages ?
    Check your emails from unispeck. You should have recieved a client module web address soon after your registration.

  • I own a website for my business, can I integrate appointment software into my site ?
    Yes. You can use webaddresses to hyperlink your online bookings. You will be given two webaddresses one for your administration control panel and one for your client module. You can use these addresses anywhere in your website.

  • My business operates in two cities, each one has slightly different services. Can I still use your system?
    Yes, Unispeck appointment system supports multiple locations for a single business. You can add as many locations as you want, each location can have its own services registered.

  • Can I make the client pages look exactly like my website ?
    Yes, you can use smarty like templates for your client pages. You can use your website template for this.

  • Does the system support selective blocking of the slots ?
    Yes, slots can be blocked for a set of therapists and/or for services for a period of time.
  • Does it support multilingual templates ?
    Yes, you can have different template sets one for each language. You will be able to use multiple urls at the same time, for example your english customers will use a url different from the one used by your spanish customers.


  • How do I contact you if any help needed ?
    You can always contact our support desk throuth online form. Our technical team will answer your questions as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours time.

  • How soon can I expect a response to my queries ?
    Your queries will be answered by one of our technical people as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of time.