Online Appointment Booking System

Comes with Reception-desk & Client modules

Unispeck Online Appointment Booking Software enables customers to book appointments over the internet. System comes with an easy to use and fully customisable client module and a powerful administrator module.

Your receptionist can do all the tasks on a single calendar without browsing through pages. At the same time your clients can directly book appointments without the intervention of reception desk, that will provide them the flexibility of scheduling appointments outside your office working hours.

Features in general.

See our online demo for more details.

Multiple Business Locations.
Support as many business locations as you need. Each location will have it's own set of resources defined including staff and sevices.

Selective Blocking.

Easy to use roster management. Supports selective blocking of slots for a given set of therapists and/or services for any period of time.

Email Notification.

Automated emails are genrated on the events, like registration, scheduling, cancellation, etc. Fully customised emails can be sent to customers and/or the organization.

Recurring appointments.

Repeating appointments for returning customers. Repeated daily, weekly or monthly. Once scheduled each booking can be handled individually.

Online customer payment.

Accept payments from your customers while booking. You can even make the payment mandatory. Now offer FREE paypal integration.

Gift Vouchers.

Customers purchase gift vouchers from your website or assign them from admin panel. Vouchers can be redeemed for booking. A voucher is valid until it's epiry is met or the credit runs out.

No Registration Required.

Registration is not required to check availablity. Your customers are allowed to browse through the slots without logging in and proceed to booking.

CRM Module(optional).

Want to integrate CRM functions with your account? Use our CRM mdoule with all basic CRM functions.

No contract, Cancel at any time.

Subscription is monthly based with initial month FREE. You can cancel your account at any time without any prior notice, no questions asked.

Data Security & Privacy.

All your data are securely stored in our servers hosted in a UK data centre. We do not provide your details to 3rd parties.

Business Services.
Supports unlimited services registered under each business location. Each service can have one or more staff associated.

Permission Based Access.

Administrator control panel works on the basis of security permissions. Permissions vary from one type of user to another.

SMS Messaging.

SMS notification is supported for all events which are currenlty supported by email notification. International numbers are supported.

Smarty-like Templates.

Use your webpage template or create your own template. Usually you will get a free matching template set when signup. See our FAQ page for details.

Multilingual Support.

Attract customers from different geographical areas. Create diffrent template set for different languages under a single account.


Export reorts to excel or spreadsheet. Bookings, clients list, payment history, etc. can be exported. The print functionality gives you the flexibility of creating printouts for next day appointments.

Sync to outlook.

Export booking calendar to outlook.

Remote Access API.

Access your unispeck account remotely using your own scripts running in your website.

Custom Plugins.

supports additional plugins or modules. E-commerce & CRM modules are available for purchase.


Client pages, emails and SMS massages are customisable through your control panel. On top of that any missing feature can be added to your account via customisation.

24/7 Support.

Our support team is working around the clock 24/7. Any queries will be addressed as soon as possible.

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   Who Can Use ?

Fit to any business model

Unispeck Appointment System can be used in almost any business models which require appointment booking.